Our Policy Initiatives

The Young Democrats of Lane County did a lot of work in the general election on several different campaigns. We had young people, who weren't even able to vote, volunteering for Kate Brown, Peter DeFazio, No on 103-106, Marty Wilde, Heather Buch, and for the 4j Bond Measure. Now that the election is over, we have shifted our focus away from campaigning, and on to our legislative initiatives.

We have formed four different caucuses for students to participate in: Women's Caucus, Healthcare Caucus, Inclusion Caucus, and Criminal Justice Caucus. Each of these groups will work on issues that directly effect young people in regards to the topic of their caucus. In order to accomplish these ambitions, we have opened an office and are having daily meetings for each caucus to discuss their ideas and their practicality. Stay posted to see what we decide on introducing to the Oregon Legislature.

The first meeting for Inclusion Caucus discussing LGBTQIA+ issues and solutions to introduce to the legislature.*

Inclusion Caucus on their first meeting discussing LGBTQ+ laws.