The mission of the Young Democrats of Lane County is to advocate for young people and to provide a voice for youth — given to them by youth.








Vision Statement


We strive to create a stronger, healthier, and more equitable society through political engagement and volunteer work with non-profit organizations. Our objective is to increase youth voter registration, provide education about politics, and involve young people in activism and advocacy.

We believe that a rich political dialogue in Oregon must include young people’s ideas and perspectives. While following the general platform of the Democratic Party, we seek to bring awareness to issues that are overlooked by the party establishment.







Who are we?


We are America's next legislators, senators, campaign managers, lobbyists, think tankers, union organizers, and world leaders. We are ran by young people, founded by young people, and are advocating on behalf of young people because we believe that there should never be anything about us, without us. Youth activism is feared by the powerful as we share a passion for justice that has revolutionized nations, created worldwide movements, and can overpower the weight of oppression. We may only reach this level of power through the masses of young people who gather to fight back against injustices in our government, and that is why YOU are the most important part of this movement. Young people deserve to be heard in this democracy because our future is at stake by those who will never understand what it is like to be a young person today. We are a new generation of democrats who will do better than the forerunners who have failed us.



Become The Change